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Looking for one of the best neighborhoods in Annapolis? Check out Eastport MD homes for sale, as well as the other neighborhoods we have listed at the top of this page under the drop down menu “Neighborhoods.”

Eastport MD is a quaint historic neighborhood located in Annapolis, Maryland. Initially, Eastport made a name for itself way back in the Revolutionary War as the site of Fort Horn, which protected the city from the British fleet. It also was protective later on during the War of 1812. Given the area’s rich historical significance, the residents of the neighborhood of Eastport have a deep respect for its uniqueness.

Today, Eastport is home to many wonderful art galleries, yacht clubs, spas, and restaurants, along with a variety of unique retail shops and entertainment venues for both its residents and visitors alike.

There is lots to do in the area in the way of entertainment and activity. For example, Eastport has a close proximity to historic homes and museums, as well as the famed Naval Academy. In addition, every Wednesday evening, members of the Annapolis Yacht Club – one of the oldest clubs in the United States – compete in sailing races, which residents and guests alike can view from the city’s local bridge, as well as from local eating establishments.

There are numerous historic Bed and Breakfast establishments in Eastport Annapolis for visitors to stay – or even for residents who want to just get away for the weekend. And, there are a variety of both steak and seafood restaurants around the community that will peak the palate of nearly any diner’s experience.

Eastport MD homes for sale include a wide variety. Eastport MD homes for rent include a wide variety, as well. Eastport MD real estate can range in size from small efficiency apartments to large multi-story single family homes – depending on your needs. Availability can also range from waterfront and water view, to conveniently located within walking distance of shops and eateries. All you need now is an Eastport MD Realtor and you’re on your way to a splendid life in Eastport MD real estate.

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