5 Items That You Can't Skimp on When Selling Your HomeSelling your home is not an easy task. Before the property is ready to be put on the market, there is a long list of to-dos that can present it in its very best light. But, while some of these may be obvious, there are others that – while they can be an easy fix – can add those final touches that make potential purchasers want to move forward.

  • Switch Plate Covers – If you currently have worn, dirty, and / or unmatched switch plate covers, now is the time to swap them out, and in doing so, ensuring that they are all the same color and material in each room.
  • Hardware – Likewise, be sure that your kitchen and bathroom cabinet handles and other hardware items are matching and in good shape.
  • Grouting – If you have tiled rooms, nothing can show a home’s age more than grout lines that have not been maintained. So, be sure that you either re-grout or replace any of the grout work that is showing wear and tear.
  • Clutter – Even just paying attention to the accessories you have on display can make a big difference. And, it should go without saying, that all of the beds should be made, and clutter removed from all spaces (both interior and exterior).
  • Vertical Space – In order to truly maximize your home’s square footage – and to present this “additional” space to a potential purchaser – you could consider strategically adding items that draw the eye to vertical space. For example, a taller piece of furniture such as a hutch or a book shelf, can help visitors to notice a room’s height. This, in turn, can provide them with a sense of more usable living space.

If you plan on selling your home any time soon, we can help. There are numerous items that may seem minuscule, but that can actually end up as “deal breakers” for potential buyers. Give us a call and we’ll make sure that you’re on track when it’s time to put the For Sale sign in the yard.