Do Homes with Added Amenities Sell More QuicklyWhen you close your eyes and imagine your “dream home,” what does it include? Lots of open space, a large front porch, or amenities in a kitchen that would make even the Master Chef jealous?

If you’re in the process of buying or selling a home, you’re likely well aware that people are more attracted to certain styles and locations – as well as various “extras” and finishing touches that peak their interest.

According to, there can be certain amenities that buyers are more interested in – which in turn, could have the effect of a home selling more quickly. Based on the a recent survey that was conducted by this site1, several amenities can in fact peak potential buyers’ interests, such as:

  • Granite and Stainless Steel in the Kitchen – When asking home buyers what some of their “must have” features are, a large majority stated stainless steel and granite. While some feel that these have already hit their peak, found that homes with stainless steel appliances can sell up to 15% faster than average homes.
  • Garage – It was also found that homes with garages will tend to be more attractive to potential buyers than those without.

In addition to attractive amenities, another key “feature” that is likely to bring more buyers to your home is if the price is right. Today, as U.S. homeownership is still hovering around a 50-year low, those who can afford to purchase are doing so – provided that the property they are considering is listed for a reasonable price.

How do you know where to start with your listing price? The best way to get an accurate figure is to work with a professional real estate agent who will run comparative figures based on recent home sales in your area – which includes factoring in (or out) the various amenities that your property features.

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Source: The Features That Help a Home Sell Fastest – and the Ones That Don’t.