Don’t Let the Cost of Home Staging Deter You from Making Your Property Look GreatIf you’ve had a home on the market within the past few years, it is possible that the real estate agent suggested “staging” it so that it looks more appealing to potential purchasers. But, while there can be numerous benefits to home staging, this process can oftentimes end up costing thousands of dollars…or does it?

The reality is that, while you could strategically place new furniture and fancy art work in the home (for a price), there are ways that you can still provide a staged effect without having to spend any money at all.

Doing so will require that you follow a few key steps, though. For instance first, make sure that you declutter and de-personalize your property. In this case, eliminate any knickknacks that you currently have on display, as well as other “clutter” such as piles of magazines that can detract a possible buyer.

It is also suggested that you remove any family photos and other personal items like certificates and trophies – and even your children’s artwork that’s hanging on the refrigerator – so that a potential buyer can better visualize himself or herself living there.

Next, be sure to arrange the furniture so that it best enhances the highlights of each room. As an example, if you have a couch or a recliner in a spot that best allows you to see the TV (but that isn’t necessarily functional), you may want to consider moving it. Depending on how much furniture you have in each room, it could even make sense to temporarily store some of it, and to keep only the essential pieces.

Ensuring that you’re letting in ample light is another key area of staging your home. Here, for example, you may need to remove heavy curtains or valances, which will oftentimes make a room look dark.

If you’re thinking about putting your home on the market, give us a call. We can help you to develop a marketing plan, which includes tips on how to stage your property to make it look its best.