Don't Overlook These Expenses When Selling Your HomeAlthough you may be excited about putting your current home on the market and moving on to your new dream home, it’s important to be careful not to overlook some common expenses that could end up diminishing your profit.

One of the biggest of these expenses can come in the form of making even “minor” renovations. While most sellers will typically have at least some items that need to be updated or repaired, be mindful of what will truly help to increase the home’s value, and what won’t really make a difference to a potential purchaser. Here, creating a renovation / repair budget can help you in determining when you may be on your way to spending too much.

Another big item in the expense column is closing costs. These can include anything from title insurance to the termite inspection. And, even though closing costs are generally a part of the overall transaction, there are ways that you can help to reign them in.

When the time comes to actually make your move, hiring a professional moving company is oftentimes a key element. But this, too, can become rather costly if you aren’t careful. Here, be sure that you get bids from at least three different moving companies – and in doing so, be sure that you get in writing everything that each company’s bid includes. In this case, though, the lowest price doesn’t necessarily mean the best deal. So be sure that you also check each company’s reviews, as well as any information that may be available from the Better Business Bureau.

Thinking about selling your home soon? If so, give us a call. We can assist you with a long list of items, including how to present your home so that it looks its very best – without breaking your budget.