Having a Hard Time Attracting Buyers – Even in a Sellers’ Real Estate Market?

Here are 3 ways you can make your home stand out

While the U.S. is still in the midst of a strong home sellers’ market – where purchase prices can often be significantly higher than the asking price – there are still some homes that are languishing with their owners hoping for even just one interested buyer.

There are a number of reasons why a house or condominium may sit “offer-less” for weeks (or even longer) – while comparable surrounding properties are sold before the For Sale sign is placed in the front yard.

For instance, these could include being set too close to a highway or major thoroughfare, requiring major (and costly) repairs or replacements – such as the need for a new roof or HVAC system, or not being located in a desirable school district.

So, if potential buyers are passing your home by, what incentives can you offer to make your property stand out?

There are actually several ways that you can do so. One is to offer a fully-paid homeowners’ warranty to the buyer, with coverage that lasts for at least one year (or longer). These policies are designed to protect the systems and appliances in a home that break due to normal wear and tear. So, if the water heater, refrigerator, or air conditioner stop working, this coverage can save the new homeowner a bundle.

With this type of protection in place, you could also make your home for sale more appealing by including new appliances in the deal. Potential buyers are oftentimes thrilled to be the first to use a refrigerator, oven, or washing machine. Having these already in place can be an added incentive because the buyer won’t have to foot the bill to purchase these on their own or have their existing ones moved.

Curb appeal can also go a long way in generating a good first impression that could ultimately lead to a purchase offer. With that in mind, keeping the grass and shrubs neatly trimmed, and adding some seasonal décor to the front porch could be enticing.

If you’re having trouble getting your home sold, we can help. At Patrick McCarthy Real Estate, we can provide you with additional tips for attracting potential purchasers, along with an overall home marketing plan. In addition, using our no-obligation home value analysis, we’ll help you come up with the right listing price.