What Homeowners Can Deduct on Taxes for 2019If you’ve considered the idea of moving to a new home, but the time just doesn’t seem right, you may want to consider giving your current residence a makeover instead. Before you get started, though, it is important to have a good understanding of the home décor trends that are “in” and “out” for 2020.

In this new decade, it seems that the farmhouse look and feel has become old hat, while opting for subtle luxury is the preferred choice. Using natural materials along with a neutral palette can also make it easier to add and change a room’s accessories.

According to House Beautiful magazine’s Next Wave Designers, one of the top home trends in the new decade will be ornate window treatments – and you can even go a step further if the bedding, couch, or other furniture ties in with the same color or pattern.

If you really want to take it over the top, you could go with a scented wallpaper. You can choose from a wide variety of options – including a cannabis scratch and sniff that comes in several patterns and color choices.
Depending on your tastes, as well as just how much renovation your current home needs, there are some situations where starting over in a different residence could make more sense. If that is the case, we are here to help.
Starting with an in-depth plan, we will create a strategy for marketing your current home that can attract targeted buyers and get them in the door. We will also help you with choosing the most ideal list price after reviewing comparable homes that have recently sold in your area.

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