Mistakes That Can Keep You From Selling Your HomeIf you’re in the process of selling your home – or you soon will be – you likely have the goal of finding a buyer quickly so that you can move on to your next residence. Yet, even if you think that you’re showing your home in its best light, there could be some things you’re doing that actually prevent you from accomplishing a fast sale (or even from securing a sale at all).

One of the most common mistakes has to do with the figure you opt to use as your listing price. Even though you may have added numerous appealing amenities and updates to your residence throughout the years, many sellers err on the side of overestimating the value of their home.

But a high price tag can tend to turn off potential purchasers – especially if it exceeds the dollar amount of recently sold comparable properties (or comps) in your area. Unfortunately, too high of a price can even lend itself to your home sitting on the market for a long time – and, once a property has been listed (and unsold) for roughly a month or more, people may begin to think something is wrong with it.

When you do end up getting an offer, yet another mistake that some sellers make is not budging on their asking price. Most potential purchasers will typically anticipate at least some amount of negotiation once an offer has been submitted. But by not moving at all from your initial price, it could be that you’ll turn away eager, and qualified buyers.

Keeping the sale of your home on track can be more easily accomplished when working with an experienced real estate agent. An agent can assist you long before the For Sale sign ever goes up in your yard, with factors such as the appropriate list price, and other items, too, like curb appeal and crafting a marketing plan.

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