While many people are not fond of snow and ice, the harsh winter weather can also be hard on your home. So, now that we’re moving into the warmer seasons, it can be easier to take inventory of any repairs or replacements that are needed in order to get your home back into shape. This is especially the case if you are planning on selling your property any time soon.

Need to Get Your Home Into Shape this Spring Here Are a Few Important TipsIt’s best to start with doing a thorough walk through of your home – both inside and out. Here, take note of your home’s paint and / or siding, as well as any areas of the front and back yard that could use some touching up, thinning out, and / or just a good old fashioned cleaning.

When doing so, be sure to also take note of any wood that may be soft or rotting, blemishes in the roof due to sleet or hail, and cracks in the driveway or sidewalk that could become a bigger issue down the road.

Inside, it is key to examine whether there are any water stains on the ceiling and / or around exterior doors. Likewise, leaks around the toilet or under the sink(s) is also an issue that may need to be addressed.

Even some of the “smaller” or seemingly insignificant items could be a big deal – or even a deal breaker- for a new buyer. For instance, be aware of any broken cabinet handles, doors that don’t shut quite right, or other similar flaws.

Spring is typically a good time to get your home on the market if you’re planning to make a move. The selling process will oftentimes begin with getting an idea of what your current home is worth.

If you’re considering making a move in the near future, Contact Us. We can help you with suggestions for getting your home ready so that it shows beautifully to potential purchasers. We will also provide you with a no obligation home valuation.