Although the prospect of a move to a new home can be exciting, the reality is that the actual move itself can be a chore. The process can oftentimes seem like an endless list of items to do – and just as soon as you get one task checked off, there are two more that appear!

Thanks to the ease and convenience of the online world, though, there are some “move planning” apps that can help you with narrowing down the monumental task of moving and cutting it into easy-to-digest bite sized pieces.

Stressed About Your Upcoming Move Don’t Worry, There’s an App For ThatFor instance, the Sortly app allows you to essentially compartmentalize each and every inch of your home. This app gives you the ability to not only create a checklist for moving, but you can also export the list for your movers.

In addition to the actual checklist itself, you can include photos of your furniture and other items, and then categorize it all by location. At just $3.99 per month, you can catalogue an unlimited number of your items on three different digital devices.

Not quite sure who the ideal moving company will be?

Stressed About Your Upcoming Move Don’t Worry, There’s an App For ThatNo problem. The Unpakt app helps you with not only comparing different movers (and their actual quotes – not estimates), but once you decide on one, you can also book the entire service online. This app can be downloaded and used for free – and there is also a price guarantee included that will only change if you add or remove a service.

Stressed About Your Upcoming Move Don’t Worry, There’s an App For ThatIf you don’t need a full-fledged moving van, but a simple pick-up truck will do, there is no need to call on friends or relatives when you can refer to the Dolly app. Here you will find insured and vetted truck owners who can assist you with furniture moving, and even taking away your trash and other unwanted items. Dolly is also available free of charge, so it won’t cost you anything to check and compare services.

If you’re planning a move any time soon, we can help you to locate your next dream home, and to find the ideal buyer for your current residence. Just contact us when you’re ready to start the process.