Downsizing to a smaller home can actually be one of the biggest decisions that you make. While you may have had dreams in the past of moving to a larger abode in order to better accommodate Downsizing or Not to Downsizeyour growing family, it is safe to say that many people don’t think quite as lovingly about selling the family home years later and moving on.

But, even if you’re not quite ready to retire yet, there can still be some good reasons to consider the downsizing of your home. One of the biggest of these will typically center on having less space to heat, cool, clean…and pay for.

For instance, a smaller home can oftentimes equate to fewer rooms to worry about in terms of maintenance and cost – which in turn can mean that you have more time and more funds to spend the way you want to.

So, how will you know when it’s truly time to consider a smaller residence?

One key indicator is when you start thinking about a desire to live more simply. Living a more maintenance free lifestyle can be appealing to many people, regardless of their age or their stage of life. In fact, there are many younger Baby Boomers who are now moving into condos where they have no outdoor maintenance to contend with either.

You may also have the desire to live closer to family and / or friends who reside in another area of the country. Being closer to children and grandchildren can definitely be a big draw – and enough to tip the scales in favor of moving.

If you do opt to move forward with your decision to downsize, we can help. By offering you helpful tips, your home can be quickly ready to show to potential purchasers, so that you can proceed with your next adventure in life.