For those who may not be familiar – or even for those who are – there’s a lot to be said about just how artful life can be in Bowie, Maryland. In fact, not only is art loved and appreciated here, but the city actually encourages it throughout the local community.

How so?

Bowie Brings Out the Artist in Us AllThere are numerous signs and reminders all throughout the town – starting with the art galleries that are located on the first and second floors of the Bowie City Hall. These galleries, aptly named the West Gallery and the East Gallery, provide space for the hanging of both 3-D artwork and photography, as well as for local paintings. These items are typically rotated on a quarterly basis by the Bowie Arts Committee, so that all participants can have a chance to be seen.

The Bowie City Council has also set up funding for public art. These funds are administered via the city’s Arts Committee. This past January, a Public Art Master Plan was approved for showing seven art pieces that can be seen by the general public. In the near future, the city will also be announcing a call to artists for a sculpture that will be located in Veterans’ Park.

In addition to paintings, photos, and sculptures, Bowie also backs the performing arts as well. Just north of the city, residents and visitors can visit the Bowie Playhouse, an extremely busy theatre that seats 150 spectators. Just some of the performances that can be seen in this center include Once Upon a Mattress, and The Music Man. And, for those who love to get their art through music, Bowie is the sponsor to many summer concerts played both at Allen Pond Park, as well as on the Town Green in Old Town.

No matter what type of art you prefer, there is something for everyone’s taste here in Bowie – a city that’s convenient to everything, yet still has that small town atmosphere.