Moving can be an exciting, yet stressful time. While you may be anxious to get settled in your new home, there is typically a lot that must be done before all of that can happen. Oftentimes, a successful move can require working your way through a checklist and keeping the lines of communication open among all parties involved.

Tips for Moving With Your PetUnfortunately, if you are moving with your pet – or multiple pets – it can be difficult for them to understand just exactly what is happening. So, as the situation unfolds, it will be important to ensure that your pet is also well prepared for the big day, and that they have all that they need in order to be stress-free, comfortable, and safe in their new surroundings.

Before your actual moving day arrives, it will be important that you make sure that you have your pets fitted with new collars and ID tags that have your name and current cell phone number printed on them. It’s a good idea to also have your pet micro chipped, just in case he or she loses their collar.

When the actual moving day arrives, make sure that your pet is secured in a closed room or a crate during the time that the movers are taking furniture and other items out of your current home. It is important to ensure their safety, as the doors will likely be open, with many people moving in and out of the property throughout the day.

When the time comes for you to transport your pet to the new dwelling, be sure that your pet will be moved in a safe, secure carrier that is well-ventilated and comfortable. If you have a larger dog, make sure that they are on a secure leash. The stress of moving to a new environment can make even the most well-behaved pet act out when they are unsure of what to expect.

For long distance moves, be sure that you allow your pet an ample amount of feeding and bathroom breaks along the route, and that you ensure that you stop at pet-friendly hotels for your overnight stays.

Upon arrival at your new home, be sure that your pet is aware of food, water, and other important items, and that they are as “at home” as possible in order to prompt a good and fast comfort level. This will allow them to more quickly feel at home in their new dwelling.

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