When the time comes to sell your home, you may consider whether or not to use a real estate agent for the transaction. Because real estate agents charge a commission for their services, it is possible to “save” money by conducting the sale yourself.

Why List Your Home For Sale with a ProfessionalYet, in going that route, what many people don’t realize is that they may not actually be “saving” as much money as they think – and in numerous cases, sellers can run the risk of improperly pricing their home – or worse – by choosing to conduct the sale alone.

So, why is it so important to list your home for sale with a professional? Just some of the reasons can include:

Properly Valuing Your Home

First, a professional real estate agent can provide you with a proper value as an initial listing price on your home. This can be an essential part of the process, because if you over price, or under price, it can essentially end up costing you thousands of dollars. Therefore, it is extremely important that the property is priced correctly from the get go.

For example, while you may want to get as much as possible out of your home, by overpricing it in the beginning, you will turn off a number of potential purchasers. The result is that overpriced properties end up sitting on the market for many weeks – or even months – until the price is reduced. By that time, potential buyers are starting to wonder what is wrong with the listing.

In addition, the longer wait time keeps you paying the carrying costs on the home longer. This can keep you from moving forward into your next home – or worse – it forces you to continue paying for an empty property.

Under pricing a property can also be detrimental. Although this can cause it to sell relatively quickly, it also means that you will receive less money than it is worth. A real estate professional who has access to the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) can help you to find the proper value of your home so that your listing price is right the first time.


An agent will be able to properly market your home, too. Real estate professionals can list your home in a variety of areas in order to provide it with the most exposure possible – in turn, getting as many possible potential purchasers to see it.

Networking & Showings

Your agent can also help to find potential buyers via his or her networks with other real estate agents and brokers. Oftentimes, other realtors may have clients who are looking for certain types of homes – and if your property fits the bill, you could have a quick sale.

Showings can also be much more simplified by having an agent take care of the work. Rather than having to be available at a moment’s notice, your agent can take care of all of the arrangements and showings – which can oftentimes lead to offers.


An agent can also help in the negotiation process. This can save you a great deal of time in the back and forth dealings with potential buyers. Someone who is professionally skilled at negotiation can often help in getting you a better deal.

The Bottom Line

Although you will have to pay a commission, it can be well worth it for all that a real estate agent will do in order to get your home sold quickly, and at the right price for you. For more information on getting your home sold right, give us a call.