Faced with a Bidding War on Your Dream Home How to Get the Seller to Pick You – Even If Your Offer is for a Lower PriceAfter searching the area for months, you’ve finally found the perfect home for you. But unfortunately, there is someone else who also feels the very same way, and you’re now on the cusp of an outright bidding war.

Now what?

While a bidding war is typically a seller’s dream scenario, the reality is that it isn’t necessarily always the highest price that will win the battle.

For instance, a seller who is being transferred to another area – and who only has a short amount of time to sell their home and move on – will likely lean more towards a buyer with a lower offer price, but who can close on the sale relatively quickly.

Likewise, if you’ve already been pre-approved for a home mortgage, but the other bidders have not yet spoken to a lender, it is much more likely that your offer will take the lead position.

With that in mind, by finding – and working with – the seller’s ultimate “why,” you will usually be able to prevail over other bidders who are offering a higher dollar price for the home, but are also less flexible in other areas.

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