There’s Still Time to Settle Into a New Home Before the Start of the School YearFor families with grade school or high school aged children, one of the primary concerns as it relates to moving is whether or not it is possible to settle into a new home before the start of the next school year.

Moving at any time of year can be quite stressful. But doing so in the middle of a semester can oftentimes place even more angst on family members who are forced to make adjustments to their routines, their surroundings, and possibly even to their friends.

That’s why making a move during the summer months can generally ease at least some of this worry. So, if you’re planning to make a change to a new neighborhood – or even to a different part of town – then you’ll be happy to learn that even though the July 4th holiday is now firmly behind us, there could still be time to accomplish this feat!

One of the first orders of business is to make sure that you have your financing lined up by getting pre-approved for a mortgage. That way, if you come across your dream home, you can feel more comfortable making an offer, knowing that the monetary aspect is in place. (Being pre-approved could also put you ahead of other potential purchasers who may not have the go ahead from a bank or lender).

In addition, if the purchase of your new residence hinges on the sale of your current home, then you need to ensure that your property looks its best – both inside and out – for potential purchasers.

Although summer may be coming to a close, having help from the right real estate professionals can help you to move the process of buying and closing on your new home along seamlessly. For more details on how to get started – along with a free, no obligation valuation of your current residence – just Contact Us.