Want to make your home stand out this holiday season, but not look like the Griswolds? The good news is that you don’t have to have a dozen inflatable characters and a wall of lights to do so. In fact, by following just a few tips, you can make your home look amazing, yet tasteful – and that much better to a potential purchaser.

Highlighting Your Home's Curb Appeal for the HolidaysOne of the best places to start is to highlight the architecture of the house itself. For example, by simply edging the roof and / or the doors and windows, you can allow your home’s features to really stand out.

You can also use your home’s landscaping to provide some curb appeal. Here, by simply using “net” lights, you can lay out a beautiful display across hedges or other similar yard objects such as tree trunks.

Also, while you may have trimmed the tree inside, you can also spread the magic in the yard by placing a nicely lit and decorated tree strategically near the door or by the front walk. If you have a gate or a fence, try spreading a nice string of lights across these, too, in order to call attention to the outline of your property, and / or to provide a more welcoming feel for visitors.

Certainly, one of the key areas of focus is your front door. Attaching a simple wreath or similar decor such as red and green ribbon, will also offer a nice touch – especially as guests enter into your main entryway.

Looking for more holiday decorating ideas that have spirited curb appeal? We can help you to attract potential buyers while at the same time keeping up the holiday spirit. We can also work with you in finding your next dream home. So, Contact Us today.