For many people, holiday time is the busiest part of the year. So, if you intend on moving soon – or, if your house has already been listed for sale – does it make sense to take it off the market until the beginning of next year?

Is It Smart to Take Your Home Off the Market at Holiday Time?By removing your home from its For Sale status, you may be able to reduce the added stress of having potential purchasers showing up at all hours, and having to keep your property in “show ready” condition at all times.

But the reality is that taking your house off the market during the holidays could also prove to be a big mistake. Why?

One of the biggest reasons is because, due to the fact that many people opt to take off work – at least some days during the holidays – you could have a higher likelihood that both members of a couple are available to come by and take a look.

In addition, if people are looking at homes during this particular period of the year, it may be that they are more serious buyers (otherwise, they probably would wait to do their shopping after the holiday rush has passed). For example, if a family is planning to relocate, they may be in town visiting family or friends, as well as with the intent to find a new home.

So, prior to shutting the door on your home’s listing until January, it is important to consider several things. First, while the overall showing activity may slow down, the people who do come and view your home may be back soon with an offer. In addition, due to reduced inventory during this time of year, your home is apt to get even more attention from both real estate agents and potential buyers if there is little competition.

If you’re considering making a move, right now could just be the ideal time to get or keep your home on the market. For additional details on how to move forward, Contact Us.