Is There Still Time to Make a Successful Move Before the Holidays?As the summer of 2017 becomes a fast fading memory, and the fall season gets into full swing, you may be wondering if there is there still time to make a successful move – and to sell your current home – before the upcoming holiday season arrives?

The answer to this is a resounding yes. However, that being said, the success will depend largely on how quickly you can prepare your present abode, and just how flexible you are on your negotiations on both the buying and the selling side of the transaction.

In working your way through the process, your success in finding the new home of your dreams will typically start with determining your ideal location – and, once this has been decided, knowing how much you can afford (and moving forward with getting pre-approval from a lender) can make the process move that much faster.

On the selling end, ensuring that your current property looks its very best – both inside and out – and that you have set a listing price that is in line with what recent comparable properties have sold for can be extremely beneficial in terms of moving forward.

While there may not be much time before the holiday season is upon us, being settled in your new home before that time is certainly doable – but it will take a well thought out plan and taking action sooner rather than later.

If you’ve been considering the purchase of a new residence and / or you need to make a move quickly, working with an experienced real estate agent can help. Contact Us to get the process started, and we will work with you in narrowing down your options, as well as with setting an appropriate list price for your current residence.