How to Not Look Like a Motivated Seller – Even If You Are!As a potential property purchaser, finding a motivated seller could mean that you’ll obtain a home that already has equity in it. When you are on the selling side, though, being a “motivated” seller isn’t typically a position you want to be in. The good news is, though, that you don’t have to appear like a motivated home seller…even if you are actually are one!

In most any real estate sales transaction, one of the most important pieces of the pie is the initial list price of the property. While it may be very tempting to shoot for the moon by upping the dollar figure of your asking price in order to “test the waters,” going this route can oftentimes backfire on sellers, and turn many would-be buyers off, thinking that there is no room for negotiation.

So how exactly do you decide how much to ask for your home without appearing “too motivated”?

Narrowing down the dollar figure can actually be easy, provided that you have access to the data on recently sold comparable homes, or “comps,” in the area. By taking this information, and then adjusting for items and / or amenities that your property may or may not possess, you can come up with the proper amount for your asking price.

If potential purchasers are working with a real estate agent, he or she should provide them with this information, in turn, allowing them to determine whether or not your home’s price is fair. If so, you are likely to see offers come in sooner rather than later – and selling a home quickly is typically far more beneficial than “waiting it out” to get a higher price.

Need help with preparing your property for sale, as well as setting your ideal list price? Give us a call. We’ll offer you suggestions on how to stage your property to look its best. We will also provide you with a no cost or obligation assessment of your current home’s value.